Textbooks For Change Case Study

Wondering what it takes to develop and sustain a successful social enterprise?

In this video, Adam Frye of Windsor-Essex Tech Alliance discusses the journey of developing and sustaining the successful social enterprise Textbooks for Change, a B Corporation that is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible educational material to students locally and abroad. 

Frye offers invaluable insights, growth strategies and important lessons for early-stage social entrepreneurs, including these key takeaways:

1. Cash is king: make money, do good (no money = no impact!)
2. Grant money will help you get started but will kill you shortly after
3. Build everything with intention
4. The team is everything; hire on culture first, skill second
5. If you don’t practice emotional intelligence, your business will fail! 

Check out the full presentation above, and if you're a social entrepreneur or thinking about starting a social enterprise, discover how SESW can help grow and support your impact

Recorded live at EPIcentre, University of Windsor, May 25, 2018.