Candid Dialogue on the State of Social Enterprise

On June 12, 2018, Pillar Nonprofit Network hosted the Social Enterprise Spring Showcase to explore the opportunities and challenges of social enterprise in our community

The evening featured a riveting and candid panel discussion that explored many pressing matters facing social enterprise today, including impact measurement and reporting accountability, profit generation with a social impact lens, the experience of pushback and tension from proponents of traditional business, and forecasts about the future of social enterprise in our region and beyond. 

Featured panelists
Lore Wainwright - Director of Innovation Works, Pillar Nonprofit Network
David Billson - CEO, rTraction (BCorp)
Kay Habib - Owner, Skilled Accents
Steve Cordes - Executive Director, Youth Opportunities Unlimited
Megan O’Neil-Renaud - Project Manager for Prevention & Safety, Canadian Red Cross

Julie Forrester, Social Enterprise Coach, Pillar Nonprofit Network

Stream the entire discussion above! 

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