The Story of KW Library of Things

An inspiring example of social enterprise that empowers and connects local communities through sharing resources, creates jobs for people facing employment barriers, and diverts waste from landfills. 

In this video, Devon Fernandes, Social Entrepreneur & Sustainability Consultant, speaks about the exciting journey and process of developing social enterprise KW Library of Things, a community space that provides access to infrequently used items such as tools, garden equipment, kitchen appliances and camping gear. 

Among the many insightful tips and insights in this presentation, Fernanades shares key lessons learned: 

1. Passion is everything
2. Embrace every opportunity to meet people
3. Consider who is being left out of your conversation
4. Go with what you are good at
5. Get ready to learn new skills
6. Find strategic partners

Check out the full presentation above, and if you're a social entrepreneur or thinking about starting a social enterprise, discover how SESW can help grow and support your impact

Recorded at Kitchener City Hall, August 21, 2018.