Growing Your Business and Impact with a Values-First Approach

" is important to acknowledge and appreciate that I am part of a larger movement towards sustainable capitalism. I believe we should be changing the way we think about money as a society. Money is a means to the end of a sustainable, happy, healthy community." - Julie Forrester

Julie Forrester, Social Enterprise Coach

Julie Forrester, Social Enterprise Coach at Pillar Nonprofit Network, has helped startups, growing organizations and students build positive community impact through business, in 1-on-1 coaching sessions, workshops and the Libro Credit Union Social Enterprise Incubator Program.

The EPICentre recently interviewed Forrester in its Change Maker of the Month series, where she espouses a values-first approach to developing a career in social enterprise:

"Know the values your hold, who you want in your circle of influence, the skills you want to learn; and then be open about asking for it. Full or expensive conferences can make space for a young someone with initiative to ask, experienced people will meet to have coffee with you. Put yourself out there, values first, and you will attract opportunities & people to your network." Continue to the full interview 

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