Capturing the Emotions Behind Inspiring Social Enterprises in Windsor-Essex

Spiritual Soldiers

Spiritual Soldiers

Anushree Dave and Layan Barakat of University of Windsor’s EPICentre have launched a 3-part series in The Drive that tells the stories of inspiring social enterprises in the Windsor-Essex community.

Part 1 explores the emotional journey that blossomed Spiritual Soldiers, a social enterprise that combats the stigma of alcoholism and addiction. They generate awareness and promote recovery through designing apparel, participating in community events, sharing stories of hope, and running a coffee shop that serves as a safe, community space for people recovering from addiction. Read the full story to learn more.


Part 2 details the remarkable impact of Downtown Windsor’s Do Good Deli. The social enterprise, which donates 100% of food sales to The Downtown Mission of Windsor, is built around a training program that develops capacity, knowledge and confidence for individuals looking to pursue careers in culinary arts and customer service. Read the full story.

Keep an eye out for Part 3 in The Drive!

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To learn more about how you can get involved with social impact initiatives or start your own social enterprise, contact a social enterprise coach in your area.