Digital Storytelling for Impact: London, ON

Last fall SESW teamed up with B corp rTraction to deliver interactive workshops on Digital Storytelling to social enterprises, nonprofits and businesses in London, St. Catharines, Windsor, Waterloo and Huron County. In the coming weeks, we’ll be showcasing the videos, photos and profiles of participants from each community. We begin with a spotlight on the workshop hosted in London, Ontario.


rTraction’s Rachel Berdan and David Billson facilitated the full day workshop at Innovation Works. Participants included Kay Habib (Skilled Accents), Will Older (B13), Jim Han (Ill at Will) and Melanie Rhora & Shari Monner (Cyber Smart Canada),


The day consisted of exercises and discussions on the elements of impact storytelling; analyses of examples in the field; working in pairs to find each enterprise’s “why”; sharing insights and experiences to connect personal values and impact; and workshopping narratives to capture the resonant core that drives each participant’s entrepreneurial pursuit. Following these sessions, each participant recorded a video of their polished story with David.


We are pleased to present you the final videos from this productive and edifying workshop:

1) Skilled Accents is a social enterprise that employs marginalized immigrants and refugees to create Ecofriendly Decorative Pillows. Founder Kay Habib has been previously featured in other #SESW stories, including our Social Enterprise Panel Discussion and inaugural Podcast. Hear Kay tell the story of her incredible enterprise.

Kay Habib, Skilled Accents

2) Ill at Will is a Canadian B-Boy (breakdance) crew that organizes and participates in numerous dance workshops and events for local communities in London and Windsor, Ontario. They’ve travelled throughout Ontario, Michigan, New York, and Quebec to exchange knowledge with other dancers, and battle at competitions. Hear Jim tell their personal story of Ill at Will’s positive impact.

Jim Han, Ill At Will

3) Cyber Smart Canada supports families, organizations and communities in creating a balanced approach to safety online through in-person training and online webinars. Both Shari and Melanie participated in this workshop and created individual stories to articulate different sides of Cyber Smart’s social value proposition.

Melanie Rhora, Cyber Smart Canada

Shari Monner, Cyber Smart Canada

4) B13, also known as The Baker's Dozen, is a community-focused art and small business incubator operating in London Ontario. The space is home to over 20 independent stores and artisan studios, and host to many concerts, workshops and community events. This is what founder Will has to say about its impact:

William Older, The Baker’s Dozen

This workshop and these videos were made possible with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Growth and Development, under the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprise Partnerships, Southwestern Region initiative.

Stay tuned for stories from St. Catharines, Windsor, Waterloo and Huron County!