Eight finalists to pitch at The Eco Market Pitch Competition

The Eco Market, in partnership with the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre and Social Enterprise Southwest, is thrilled to announce eight green or social entrepreneurs that will go on to pitch at the Kitchener Public Library on February 27th. Finalists include Good Green Death Project, Rain Source, The Holistic Parent, Hempergy, Elis Original, Stock Exchange Bone Broth, All Things Preserved, and Jigsaw Organizing Solutions.

The Eco Market Pitch Competition sets the stage for green and socially innovative enterprises to showcase their ability to scale and sustain programs through innovative, revenue-generating models. The Eco Market hopes to make this pitch night an annual event to bridge the gap for funding faced by green and social enterprises in the community.

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1. Good+Green+Death+Project+logo.png

The vision of the Good Green Death Project is to open up more eco-friendly options to our current death and dying practices, starting in Waterloo Region. The goal is to create a cemetery in the Region with a conservation easement that only allows green burials (no embalming, simple biodegradable casket or shroud) and Recomposition, or human composting, once legalized. This cemetery will include both a protected forest and an area to be reforested using individually composted human remains to plant new memorial trees.

Rain Source Inc. is a Cambridge, Ontario-based company founded by Devin Cumming selling the products and services of industry-leading Rainwater Management Solutions of Virginia to institutional, commercial, and industrial building owners in southwestern Ontario. Systems can save millions of litres of water and tens of thousands of dollars annually, reduce local water pollution, and limit the burden on municipal infrastructure. They offer the largest range of products and services in Canada, and are Ontario's first true dedicated commercial rainwater harvesting firm. The company was founded to change the way we use water in the province of Ontario.

3. HolisticParent+Jan+19.jpg

The Holistic Parent is a natural health and wellness hub for families. Our products include a free quarterly print magazine, podcast, curated blog space, social media, B2B networking events and The Holistic Parent Market. Their goal is to support local businesses, giving them a space to connect with other businesses, learn and grow their audience, and to make green and healthy living more accessible to families everywhere.

4. Hempergy logo.jpg

Hempergy processes hemp into raw materials that are environmentally conscious, non-toxic and renewable. They create hemp-based products to help businesses within the cosmetic, construction and textile industries reduce their carbon consumption. Their current activities include exploring the use of hurd fibers, as a natural insulation material for residential and commercial use. Their goal is to use hempcrete as a natural building insulation to improve energy and heating efficiency, support land reclamation, and promote new carbon-reduction strategies. They want to use hemp based insulation materials, along with traditional styles and techniques of indigenous architecture to provide safe, affordable and energy efficiently housing that will help restore the safety to their homes and revitalize living conditions. They want to work together with rural and urban indigenous communities across Canada in n efforts to promote the importance of culture, environmental stewardship, indigenous sovereignty as a pathway for reconciliation.

5. Elis Original Logo.png

Elis Original offers quality designs at an affordable price, as well as unique and customized clothing benefitting mental health.

6. stock+exchange logo.png

Stock Exchange is a Ontario business that offers sustainably produced artisanal bone broth.They strive to ensure that every ingredient that goes into our stockpot is of the highest quality available from local sources right here in Southwestern Ontario. They’re passionate about and committed to sustainable practices - they follow the food chain through to its final stages and pay local small-scale farmers fair compensation.The food we eat is vitally connected to our health and the environment. As a lean start-up, they strive to provide our customers with a premium product, using minimal resources and generating zero waste. You can find Stock Exchange products at stores throughout the region.

8. Jigsaw+Logo.png

Adeilah Dahlke is a professional organizer and a simple living consultant, helping her clients to live more minimally and sustainably through her business Jigsaw Organizing Solutions. She works with her client's goals, encouraging them to lead a greener lifestyle via less waste and a more minimal lifestyle. She believes that people should only keep what they like and use, rather than being "owned" by their things - keeping them because they feel obligated to. When her clients are paring down and decluttering, aside from teaching a more minimal lifestyle, she also works to ensure that their items are rid from them in the most sustainable way possible (selling, donating, repurposing, recycling), minimizing what ends up in the landfill.

7. ATP+logo.jpg

All Things Preserved

All Things Preserved is a Kitchener-based company with a goal raising awareness about environmental issues through education and lifestyle change. This company offers learning opportunities, hands-on workshops and handmade upcycled products that are replacements for single use disposables. They believe that change starts with each person empowering themselves with knowledge.

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