Digital Storytelling for Impact: Waterloo

The Waterloo Region Small Business Centre invited 5 local entrepreneurs to participate in an incredible Digital Storytelling workshop with B Corp rTraction. Participants spent the day working with the facilitators to discover their “why” and use effective storytelling to showcase the positive impact of their work.  We are thrilled to present the stories that were drafted, polished and captured on video at this session!

Christine Grauer is an infectious agent of deliberate change on a mission to empower others to master their mindset, tap into their infinite potential, and live with resilience, happiness and ease – regardless of external conditions. Combining her education, training and own self-discovery and mastery work, Christine is a blazing entrepreneur committed to guiding and equipping others with simple and accessible tools to help them reach their greatest potential.

QOLTOM is dedicated to empowering people to be freely mobile through safe and accessible design, they are working on improving quality of life for tomorrow. QOLTOM started at the University of Waterloo Hack4Health 2017 competition where they placed 1st, hear Lissa tell their story since then.

Playing with Sparks creates innovative and engaging experiences to help us see death as a natural part of life and face our death with grace. Through games, workshops and coaching, Jennifer sparks awareness and conversations, empowers choices and equips individuals with tools to express their wishes.

Lillypad Health takes pride in teaching people how delicious eating healthy can be. Inspired by her own weight loss success and the knowledge she acquired, Karen Lill opened a center to improve the health in Waterloo Region, helping clients reach their weight loss goals while educating them about healthy eating habits and weight maintenance.

The Dialogue Xchange is committed to empowering individuals to take ownership of their social landscape through in-person community conversations. In today’s tense social, political and environmental climate, there are an array of knowledge gaps that need to be addressed and bridged through meaningful conversation and diverse perspectives. The Dialogue Xchange is a social movement rooted in bringing more voices to the forefront, building stronger communities, bridging the dialogue gap.

This workshop and these videos were made possible with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, under the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprise Partnerships, Southwestern Region initiative.