Digital Storytelling for Impact: Huron County

Huron Small Business and Enterprise Centre invited local social entrepreneurs to participate in a Digital Storytelling workshop with B Corp rTraction. Participants spent the day working with the facilitators and in small groups to learn about the art of impact storytelling and develop meaningful stories that convey the positive impact of their work. We are pleased to present the stories that were drafted, polished and captured on video at this session!

St. Joseph’s Kingsbridge Community is a registered Charity formulated by local residents that repurposed a heritage Catholic church as the Kingsbridge Centre, a cultural centre with a community-based agenda to connect people in rural areas. They host performance activities and events to celebrate their heritage and bring the rural community together, which pays for the operating costs of the building. Their goal is to preserve rural Ontario with a shared community space.

Paul the Maker is a wood-working artist who creates unique pieces and commissioned work for clients. He creates wheel chair accessible ramps for stores at cost to help make Huron County more accessible. He uses reclaimed wood and non-toxic materials to turn people’s dreams and ideas into a unique and local piece for them.

The Maven Project is a place for like-minded women to come together to refresh and refuel. It’s a chance for them to tell their stories as women from a place of vulnerability to recognize that we are more alike than we are different. The Project also provides camps, workshops, and retreats for women to take some time for themselves and connect with others.

Homegrown Food Basket runs an online farmers’ market that helps local growers sell their produce, and creates revenue to support training, mentorship and access to low-cost land for new farmers. Homegrown also runs an international program offering micro-finance loans to farmers in developing communities.

Bayfield Concierge brings together a community of retail, tourism, and restaurant businesses to highlight the experience of Bayfield, Ontario, the first plastic-free location in North America. Their blue flag beaches are the best kept secret in Southwestern Ontario. The Bayfield Concierge website is a one-stop concierge of the festivals, farmer’s markets, and events going on in Bayfield, and Huron County as a whole.

This workshop and these videos were made possible with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, under the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprise Partnerships, Southwestern Region initiative.

Stay tuned for our final feature on impact stories from Waterloo!