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Flourishing Business Model Canvas & Lean4Flourishing

Flourishing Business Model Canvas & Lean4Flourishing Business Modelling 

You asked, and we are delivering! Come join us at Innovation Works on September 28th in London to learn more about the Flourishing Business Model Canvas and Lean4Flourishing business model. 

This full day workshop will spend half the day walking through a Flourishing Business Model Canvas with its developers Antony Upward and Harvey Weisveld. The second half of the day will be spent learning about the Lean4Flourishing business model and how to use this methodology to help all businesses flourish in all stages of development.

This workshop has a fee to attend. The fees are: $105 for a Pillar Nonprofit Network member, and $115 for a non-member. Fees cover the costs of our facilitators, their travel to London, rental of the space, and food (snacks, coffee, lunch, cookies, healthy stuff). Limited bursaries for a 75% reduced fee are available - please contact Megan at 

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SoJo Platform Training with Lean4Flourishing

Platform Training with Lean4Flourishing


Find more information about SoJo here:

Find more information about Lean4Flourishing here:

We will be hosting our partner staff and other interested learners from across Southwestern Ontario at Innovation Works on Friday, September 1, 2017. This all day workshop will walk coaches and advisors through the Lean4Flourishing business model concept, using the SoJo platform. Our accelerator programs for social entrepreneurs will be based on this training model.

Lean4Flourishing builds on the proven value of Lean StartUp customer discovery and program management to create their unique approach to business. At Pillar, we embrace the Lean4Flourishing and Flourishing Business Model concepts as essential modelling for social enterprises. 

This methodology is beneficial to all businesses, in any stage of development. You don't have to be a social enterprise to be a flourishing business.

If you are interested in attending this event, please register by CLICKING HERE (this will open in a new window to the registration page).

or by emailing Megan directly at

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