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Q&A with Kelsey Ramsden (London)

  • Innovation Works 201 King Street London, ON, N6A 1C9 Canada (map)

"I am not here to convince you to like me through a flowery, fluffy intro.

This about page does not follow the online guru format… because I am not an online guru.

I am a real businessperson, a regular person who happens to have taken the talents I have and the opportunities I’ve been given and convert them into a few wildly successful businesses.

I’m not a guru but rather a wingman, here to be for you, the person I needed when I stalled out in scaling and adapting as by businesses grew…

I am here to remind you that success is not a title…. those who have had it know this.

After my first company profitably hit fastest growing 50 and top 100 lists, broke the tens of millions mark …and then the second did it too, I started to feel disconnected, like I was losing my edge, I was aware that I was in danger of losing myself too.

Truth is, it is lonely at the top and at every natural growth point or plateau.

Whether you are trying to break your first million, ten or fifty…. we all feel very much the same, we want growth and we know we can’t keep going on the way we have been, because both you and the game have changed since you started out.

When this is as true to you as it was to me, it is time to get Futureproof." - Kelsey Ramsden

If you could ask Kelsey anything, what would it be? Join us June 7 to ask your burning questions. Connect with other entrepreneurs and learn from an incredible business leader who was named Canada's Top Female Entrepreneur not once, but TWICE.

Can't wait to see you there!

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