Situated on Ontario's West Coast, Huron County is home to some of the finest trails, attractions, and restaurants in Canada.



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Nicki Darbyson

Kim Postma


The Small Business Centre is a business hub in Huron County. We have served new and mature businesses for over 15 years, adding to the wealth and the diversity of our business community, one entrepreneur at a time.

We consult with entrepreneurs to help with business plan writing, strategic planning and market research, and provide training in accounting, bookkeeping, e-commerce, marketing, social media, business planning, and succession planning. Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed, provide mentorship, and to promote their businesses in the community with our networking events and our Entrepreneur Spotlight Blog.

We are funded by the Province of Ontario and County of Huron, and deliver two provincial grant programs: Starter Plus, for entrepreneurs starting, growing, or purchasing existing business, and Summer Company, for entrepreneurs 15-29 years of age starting a summer business and returning to school. Both programs provide training and mentorship, and the opportunity to receive up to $5000 and $3000 respectively.

Now, as a member of the new Social Enterprise Partnerships Project, we're excited to be working with businesses to help social enterprise grow and flourish in Western Ontario.


Some things we're proud of:



Our amazing small business scene and growing beer and wine industry.



The way Huron County allows entrepreneurs to run their dream business while enjoying the beautiful countryside and beaches. 



The fact that we keep discovering more businesses in our community that prioritize social and environmental impact, and are thriving as a result. Awesome!